Friday, March 28, 2008

New bedding

The new bedding arrived today and I love it!! It will fit into the room wonderfully!
Now, we just need a crib to put it in! lol

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've been busy taking care of Hubby so I haven't had much chance to update my blogs. He's home until sometime in April. I'll be glad when he's back to his old self! lol I hate to see him feeling so poorly.

On Easter, we got a text message from the birth mom that said "me and baby wish you a happy easter!!" I thought that was sweet. =)

I've been working in the nursery. I put up a shelving unit in the's a shelf and has a place to hang clothes, etc. So, I bought a bunch of baby hangers and have been hanging up clothes, etc. I'm starting to get a nice collection of clothing for baby! It was nice to get the clothes off the dining room table! lol

Today I contacted a lawyer. We're ready to get the legal end of things going! It's very nerve-wracking though. I've been losing lots of sleep! lol
I'm anxious to hear back from the lawyer and will let you all know how it goes. Pray! lol
My friends Nathaniel and Dana that sent me the baby shower in a box (or boxes! lol) got news last Thursday they might be able to adopt a little boy and by Friday, it was a go! This will be their first child. They've been married only one month less than us and haven't been able to have children either. The boy is at Dana's sister's house in KY. She flew to Kentucky the next day to be with the boy. Her hubby was flying there this week to sign paperwork. The little boy will be 2 in April. Here's his photo:
Dana wrote:
My sister said he is very lovable and quiet he has had a rough start. His mom has no photos of him; she basically said she is happy to be getting rid of him. She does not want to meet us or know anything about us. We found out on Thursday that it was a possibility by yesterday we found out at 4:00 it was a go. I am going down first and Nathaniel will come down either Monday Wednesday. The mother still has 20 days to change her mind once our paperwork is signed. Please pray for us that it all goes smoothly. My nieces are already loving him and spoiling him. My mom is so EXCITED!!!! I can hardly believe it she told me last night that I had better hurry up and get there before he is too attached to my sister. His teeth are a little messed up thanks to his mom that allowed him to chew on anything so he got lead poisoning. But, they told me that he is fine from it and that once his baby teeth come out his teeth will be fine. We will more that make up for what he has been going through.

CONGRATULATIONS, MY FRIENDS!!! He is adorable!!! And, very blessed to be joining your family!!

I bought this bedding online last night. I didn't buy the hearts on the wall. I hope I like this when it arrives! lol

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Handmade Booties

I found a site that has lots of gorgeous baby things in Australia. I LOVE these handmade booties!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A visit

Today I went to see the birth mom. Tomorrow is her 15th birthday. I was just going to surprise her by leaving gifts and treats on her bed (she's in a youth center) but when I got there, she was sound asleep in her bed! lol
The lady in charge of this particular cottage woke MM up. Boy, was she surprised to see me! lol
I took enough treats for her to share with all the girls in her cottage. They all seem so happy to receive any type of special treatment.
Anyway, our birth mom will be 15 tomorrow and I wanted to bring her a little sunshine in this dreary rainy weather we're having that won't go away.
MM is doing so well at this youth center that she has almost gone through all the phases there and has a court date coming up. Hopefully the judge will let MM go home in a couple weeks!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bibs & Burpies I love...

More clothes I love...

Dresses I love...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Creeping by...

This is one of those days when time seems to be creeping by and the baby will never get here!!!!!!
I started working on the nursery last night. Changing the guest bedroom into the nursery. Doing a vintage/shabby chic/quilts decor.

This entertainment center will be diaper central. lol. I turned the tin pail into a diaper holder. I'll stash wipes and things in here also and just close the doors!

On top of the dresser I have a couple of Boyd's. I also framed 2 sonogram pictures.

The crib quilt. I decided not to use regular baby bedding. I wanted something unique so I'm making the crib quilt from a quilted throw.

The things hanging from this shelf are my baby things. My Grandma Hamlin gave me the crocheted sweater with booties and hat when I was a newborn. Those are also my shoes hanging there with the original bells on the shoelaces.

More good wishes!

It's just that it's so wonderful and exciting! I came across the very first letter you ever wrote me not long ago, and in it you had made mention of how long you all had been trying to have a baby. And look now! It's happening!
I am so happy for you and excited! What's the details for the nursery? Are you having "Sympathy pains & symptoms?" LOL.
Michelle, this is just such a dream come true and I am just elated for you guys! I am telling everyone I know!
Love you! Sherri Perdue, WV

I guess I am at a loss for words when it comes to telling you how excited I am for you both. There have been so many times where I had wished I could have been a surrogate mother for you, or SOMETHING.
You have been so kind, and loving towards me and my children, that I know that you will be the best mother you can be. It is really hard at times, but they are SO worth it. They repay you in ways that are not imaginable to people who do not have children.
Just remember that they are not little for forever, so hold them while you can, because when they get older, you will no longer have that blessing. Laugh at everything, and just remember to breathe, because it is gone so fast. There are things that change, and you don't even realize that it is different until you see a picture, or something to remind you. There are so many times where my kids will be doing something, and I will start to get frustrated, but I have to stop and ask myself, what is it hurting? If it wont hurt them, or someone else, is it really worth all the aggravation?
I am glad you are having a chance to be a mommy. I have prayed so many times for you to be one, and now you finally are.
I love you,

Friday, March 14, 2008


Who knew that picking a baby name would be so difficult? I cannot believe how stressful this is!
I've always had a list of names that I've loved. It's weird how as time goes on, you look at the list of names you've loved and see a particular name which in turn reminds you of someone you now know and maybe don't care for or have been hurt by, so now you don't like the name so much! lol
Emily is such a popular name, but all I can think of is my mom's best friend Emily in the 1970's. She had long, stringy, greasy hair and never, ever wore shoes. Or a bra, come to think of it. She was a total hippy.
I love names like Rachel, Olivia, Isabella, Alexandra, Savannah, etc. My DH does NOT. I presented him a list of 26 names. He put them into categories: 2 names went into the "Yes, I like" category, 8 in the "I kind of like" category and a whopping 16 in the "NO WAY" category. What's a girl to do??
He told me not to stress about it, that some people don't name their babies until 2 or 3 weeks AFTER they've been born! That did not bring me comfort! lol
(He just came and stood over my shoulder and asked me if DH stood for Designated Hitter...LOL...I'm like, huh? No, it means Dear Husband!)


Today when I pulled into the Wal-mart parking lot in Muncie, I saw our birth mom and her mom walking into the store! She's really starting to show now, but she's such a tall girl that if you didn't know she was pregnant, I'm not so sure you could tell! It was so strange, sitting there, watching this girl walk into the store and knowing she's carrying "our" baby.
It's a surreal experience because in most adoptions, you don't know the birth mom.
Our birth mom turns 15 next week.
I looked for her and her mom in the store today but couldn't find them.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


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